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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall shows!

I'm so excited all my favorite fall shows are on.
Tonight started with Brothers and Sisters, the Walkers are my favorite Monday night family. I used to watch Desperate Housewives but their size 0 bodies and crazy story lines were too unbelievable. When do you ever see lives like that in real life?
Mondays of course are for Rachel Zoe. Love her and her crazy style. I like watching her simply for her crazy taste in clothes and her crew. I loved, loved her Fashion Week episode. And her random sayings, "I die" watching her show.

Tuesdays will of course be the Hills. No need to explain. LC will be missed.
Thursdays will be Grey's Anatomy and the Practice. I love both shows, Meredith and Derek are a yummy couple. I'm so glad they'll be a few episodes without their on and off again status. George will be missed and Izzy is supposed to off and on again, should be interesting how they deal with the crew changes. The Practice is also one of my favorites! Story lines are great and I love all the actors!
What shows are you all watching?

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