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Thursday, October 1, 2009

MTV- keeping ya young.

So I totally forgot what my Wednesday night show would be until last night. Duh people, of course it's nothing but:

Ruins is the newest Road Rules/ Real World Challenge set in Thailand- so beautiful! The regulars are back (which basically means broke again) and the competition has changed a bit with past winners (Champions) going against losers or newbies (Challengers). I won't recap the whole 1.5 hr long show, it'll replay probably 5 times before the next one, and I watched half while running on the treadmill so I missed the words. However, I did catch up on some fav characters:

Tanya- what's a challenge without her?!?! she's in all of them and seems to be getting "thicker" every time. Still has to fight with everyone and binge drink every night. You can tell her "life" is catching up with her, for one she's still coming on these shows years after being on Real World and still hasn't gotten her act together and gotten a real life.

Katie- the little ball of fire! She's been calm as of late, but once she gets riled up, she'll let you know. She's engaged this time, which of course makes it more interesting to see who she hooks up with.

Wes- oh Wes, this guy totally came on to settle some grudges, or beat the crap out of some people. Johanna his ex-fiance hooked up with someone else (Kenny) on the last challenge and he hasn't let go of that. He has hooked up with KellyAnn who just makes me laugh. I missed the actual words but she's still looks like someone who has no idea what's going on and loves to start trouble. Her ex is also there, he's hooked up with Johanna (awkward!!)

Kenny and the boys- there are about three or four guys that are in such a tight Bromance, really they are inseparable. They don't function without each other or make their own decisions. They come into the game ready to screw with people and return home with the bank.

I could on on the other cast members, but I'll spare you. Hubby can't believe I still watch all this MTV. He's a Discovery, Speed, Food Channel person. Not me, I love watching other peoples drama. Gives me a great reason to avoid it in my life!!

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