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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too cute!

So I'm a mama, it's my right to brag about the cuteness of my almost, too soon to be four-year-old.
Sunday night my brother and family came over. We are smitten by our new nephew, he's my baby fix for the time being. When saying goodbye T told him, "I love you cousin T (different T). you are a special gift from God. and I love you with my whole heart." Keep in mind that he goes to a church preschool we spend a lot of time talking about God.

While in the car yesterday Shakira's song "She Wolf" came on. T asked what's wrong with the girl singing. Why does she breath funny? and proceeded to mimics her short, raspy, breathing, thing she does. Did she just get done running?

He was really concerned about her. Then went on to ask why she howls like a puppy, does she think she's a puppy? Do I know if she has a puppy? It was quite the conversation on our way to Target.

Our household has been pretty busy lately. This Friday we're having a Halloween birthday party for T. We figured it would give him another chance to wear his costume and it spreads out our fall activities. His actual birthday is November 12th but with a party then and the Thanksgiving, it feels like we never recover until after New Years. I can not wait to decorate and set up. We didn't go quite as big as I would love to because we're working on sticking to a budget- which I can do (maybe).

I'm thinking about doing Jillian's shred again. I never did the actual 30 days. I spaced mine out, did each week a bit longer. But I felt really good afterwards. So I think I might hit it up again before the crazy holiday season begins.

Stay tuned on some goodies I'm working on. I've decided to make all of our bows, tags, and Christmas cards this year. Yep- I'm Crazy! But I do get a nice Christmas break being a teacher- WOO HOO!!!

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