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Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday weekend

Yes I know the birthday was LAST weekend, but I'm always slow on getting my pics up. Here is T opening our gift, which was quickly put aside after realizing he was just getting two sweatshirts. He even made the comment, "Mama got me clothes- again." Too bad this little man never gets any new toys from the many family members.

T of course got a second cake for his "real" birthday. Shortly after this I was helping him pick a piece. I asked him if he wanted a "small piece". To which he repeated, "Mama, I ALREADY have a penis!"

No idea how he heard that, but we were dying laughing. What can I say, he's all boy, totally boy. Today we went to the doctor for a well-baby, which is more well- big boy checkup. He measured high in both weight and height which isn't shocking with the amount he eats.

We also went to small zoo right outside of town last weekend. The Man was showing T how rough the goats horn (antler, whatever). So of course T had to feel it, which meant giving it a little tug. Note to all parents- Goats don't like being tugged. They rear back and make VERY unhappy sounds.

We moved onto other animals that weren't so easily touched, such as a buffalo. Boy did we love the buffalo, especially after they wandered all the way up near us. The Man got a great shot and T of course asked to take one home. Unfortunately we lack the yard space. Would you like to have one of these in your yard?

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