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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What have I been up to...

First off, yesterday we went and saw this movie-

I LOVED it! SO, so good. Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw did such an amazing job. The whole cast was great. Sandra's character totally reminded my of some southern women who I grew up with. I really want to look into the book it was written from. I hear it's (of course) even better than the movie.

It was a nice afternoon for the girls to go out. We picked up T and headed to Olive Garden for a yummy dinner. T loves their salad, between the black olives and croutons he can't get enough. He's also becoming a lettuce lover.

So right now I'm on a search. I'm looking for some really great shoes. I would love a nice pair of black boots, or brown flats, or a tan medium heel. With Christmas coming, and house saving I'm not about to spend a ton on shoes. It's sad that I find myself asking, buy this or put it towards a house. I'm getting obsessed with the idea of becoming a home owner. I'm craving my own space, my chance to decorate and create a home that's all ours.

Back to shoes. These are some that I'm coveting, thanks to Piperlime:
My shoes pretty much have to be comfortable enough to teach in all day. However, if they are cute enough I'm not above taking them off in the afternoon. I just love cute shoes though for an evening out or a luncheon date with friends. I love, love the bow on this one and ruffle on the other- the bow also comes in purple- cute, but not me.

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