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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Catch up.

So I'll start with some pics. For some reason my camera wasn't on a good setting, could have been because I was playing with it earlier, so I only have a couple.

The cupcakes I made (toot, toot- that is my own horn):

The pirate opening his gifts, then after removing part of his costume digging in:

(notice the arm guards on the second picture- he got matching knee guards too- so exciting!!)

On the job front.....

So this week brought some very exciting thoughts to our house. I had applied for an opening for third grade at my old school in my home town thinking that it was for next school year. I knew the teacher was leaving for retirement and usually when a teacher retires in the middle of the year they fill the position with a long term substitute ( a regular sub who just stays for a long period of time). I got a call on Tuesday that they wanted me to interview , the position was to finish the remaining year out and full contract next year. Sounds great, but I'm under a contract for this school year as a sixth grade teacher in my present school 20 minutes away.
The Man and I had talked way earlier that I would stay at the present school until I find something new, and closer to home. There's a strong chance that the interview won't lead to me getting the job due to a previous contract. But a note goes in my file about the interview and when there are job openings it can help.

Monday morning I meet with my Principal early. We have a workday full of meetings so I wanted to get a meeting in before the district calls about a reference or information. I didn't tell the school that I was going for the interview. There is just so much up in the air. Honestly, I'll be shocked if they ask me to take the job knowing I have a contract. I'm going to school early to read through my contract again in the morning before meeting with my Principal so that I can ask some good questions. It's all SO CRAZY, I can't even fathom how its going to turn out.

This week is going to crazy, but I'm supposed to hear from the district I interviewed with early in the week, but in real time I'm guessing it'll be Thursday. Tomorrow is what I'm worried about, so I'm going to wear my new sweater from Gap and of course our new Sexy boot jeans. At least I'll look comfy even though I'm freaking out inside!!

SO cozy!!!

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