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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bummer news

So I originally planned on doing my top 10 list. It's Tuesday and I actually remembered. But we stopped by the house today and saw a couple changes the builder had made and came up agitated. When building our house we pretty much took the plans of one house we loved and built it again. We went in today and they had supposedly finished out cabinets but they left out the pantry piece. The piece I feel in love with when we saw the other house.

Luckily our realtor is awesome and we got a hold of her right when we got home and she talked with the builder. Can't wait to hear what the solution will be. We're just getting so excited to move in on the first and this could push back the date. It's our first set back and we're angry at the situation. How do you miss this huge piece?

Needless to say my top 10 will be tomorrow. Thanks for listening (reading actually I guess).

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