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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wonderful Countdown Wednesday!

My goal was to find something about new spring fashion trends, but being on a budget, that would be torture. So, according to the Nest our countdown today:

The 10 Ways to Create a Sexy Bedroom
(at least I can put this to use in the new house)

10 Sheepskin cushions

- In case you want to get coozy somewhere other than the bed. These look super soft, but at $185 I think I'd rather buy a night out or two.

9 Cozy Blanket

-Have to agree with this one. A great cudle blanket leads to some warm, close time. We have a great, tie fleece blanket that I know could be replaced with something luxurious but this one the man and I tied together very early in our relationship. It's not going any where.

8 Serving tray
- This way you're ready for breakfast in bed I guess.

7 Candles
- These can help set the mood and make the room smell really good! Careful where you put them though as to not set anything on fire.

6 Music
-when setting the mood, your favorites songs can be a lot of fun. However make sure you don't start with your exercise jams, it lightens the mood but you look like a goof struggling to find the right play list. (I'm just saying this could happen, perhaps on your man's birthday. We still laugh about it)

5 Lights -Um, really? LED lights, pretty sure we're not in college anymore.

4 Love Notes
- I do like to slip the Man a love note or card every now in then. Sometimes in his car, school bag, lunch, cheezy but he likes it.

3 Satin Sheets
- Kohl's actually had a really nice looking set this holiday season. But being that we live in frosty Minnesota, I'll keep my flannel.

2 Sheer curtains
- I don't know about you, but I prefer that my neighbors not know what the Man and I are doing in our bedroom.

1 Their list stopped at 9, but I figured most of us know the top item to have in a sexy bedroom.
A nice, sexy man to cuddle up with- YUM!

Happy Hump day!

Stay tuned for tomorrow fashionistas- I have a couple q's about work attire.

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