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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tell me what YOU hink!

YOU, yes you. If you read this tell me honestly. Some of my friends don't quite understand professional wear and my teammate/mentor has no sense of style, at least it doesn't fit mine and vice versa. I've been eyeing a couple spring outfits and want your opinions.
Is this dress okay for teaching? It will come down to length of course but I absolutely love how comfy these cotton dresses are and I hope the cardigan dresses it up.

How about these shoes? Love these, maybe with this skirt, again length could toss it out the window.

While looking through a random catalog I found a cute dress and polo WITH a ruffle:

Both from Land's End. They have classic looking clothes, but the idea of it being a catalog my mom shops from is a little old feeling.
What do you think?

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