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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a quickie!

Random news at our abode:
  • Our sod came in and our dirt "yard" is now buried under marvelous, lush, green grass. Which means I get calls in the afternoon on my way home about where I should water first.
  • I signed up for a fun 5k at the end of the month. Its an evening race for melanoma prevention. I'm hoping to run the whole thing in under 35 minutes.
  • Our school attempted Teacher appreciation week. We got a water bottle on Monday and today at our staff meeting the principle said a thank you that was so very heartfelt (can we say sarcasm). Oh well, its about my kids who survived testing and are getting back on pretty well.
  • We have 21 days left of school.
  • we realized our neighbors have the same garage opening frequency as our is set to. Therefore, they can open our garage with their opener. Creepy! But they are awesome people who helped us and will make sure our door stays down until ours gets fixed.
  • After watching the Hills, I've realized that both Heidi and Spenser have lost it and are continuing to search for ways of attention.
  • Mother's day is this weekend, be sure to send some love to your mamas!
Happy hump day!

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