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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I did it!

I finished my first 5k Friday night. It went pretty well. I was tired at the end but it was a super long day. I didn't realize that the race was Friday, I thought for sure it was Saturday. Who does a 5k on a Friday night? Apparently this crowd has always hosted their run on Fridays. So needless to say I was scheduled for my typical Friday night closing shift at Gap.

Luckily my managers helped me out and I went to work right after school. This is a break down of my Friday:
7:30-3:15- Teach a typical busy school day
3:45-5:20- Work at Gap
5:30- 6:30 Eat, sit for a bit, change, get ready for race, meet up with my parents who were watching Tucker, get lined up for race, and wait
6:30- 7:20- Wait some more, run the race, recover, head home
7:30-8 Shower, change, chug some water, head back to Gap
8-10 Closing at Gap

My manager and bestie thought I was crazy and I admit it wasn't my ideal situation. But I stayed under my goal of 32 minutes. Tucker was excited, then even happier when I "won" a Gatorade from the refreshment table, which I of course got to share.

This week is going to be crazy again. We have to clear out the rest of our stuff from my parents, go through all of it so it's not filling up the areas we just cleaned out. School is wrapping up so fast, so we're prepping for next year. I'm applying for some other jobs and my reading certificate. Then trying to plan other activities for Tucker and I this summer. Any exciting plans out there for this summer?

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