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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I just don't think I'd like to be God.

Do you ever catch yourself saying the oddest things to your child? This past week I was lucky enough to spend some highly valuable time with my favorite four year old. These are somethings I found myself saying-
  • No, I'm pretty sure cops don't arrest animals.
  • Well, I'm sorry I'm not God. Even though I could eat whatever I want. If I was, then I couldn't be your mom.
  • No, you can not put Lego stickers on the desks. (we were in my classroom)
  • Sorry I can't ask Dad to buy you a dirt bike- I said no and that means Dad does too.
  • Having a baby sister does not mean you get to hit her back if she starts it.
  • Because naps help you grow JUST as much as vitamins.
  • Cauliflower is the same as broccoli just white.
  • Even if the baby hits you first you CAN'T hit them back.
  • No dinosaurs didn't use to sing.
  • Nope, pretty sure cops can't arrest us for kissing in the driveway. ( I was kissing the Man hello)
  • Just because Grandma said you can keep a dirt bike at her house doesn't mean we're buying you one. 
  • Even if we shop at Menards we won't save enough for a dirt bike in a week. (their slogan is "Save big money, shop Menards", it's a home improvement store)
  • Thank you for cleaning off the table where you ate. Where did the crumbs go? On the floor? Wow, good idea thanks bud!
  • If I don't wash your shirt the dirt will start to disinigrate it.
  • Fine, call Grandpa. He doesn't care if I kiss your dad outside. Well, maybe call Grandma.
  • Nope, we can't have a baby that will never cry. Sorry pal.
  • I'm not sure if your baby sitter is taking request for your future kids, but I'll ask next time we chat.
So clearly we talk about a baby too much in front Tucker, that or he just really wants a sibling now that my niece has her own sibling. He's also wanting a dirt bike SO bad- NOT HAPPENING! He's obsessed with our neighbor who's a cop and after seeing his hand cuffs is fixated on arresting someone. Tell me I'm not the only crazy talking mama out there!

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