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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where do the days go...

Um, so back to TEACHER Bi-WEEK! I took some time to hang out with Tucker and do some crafty things around the house. Something was also delivered to the house that  was quite the distraction, in the most wonderful and life-altering ways, of which I will blog about sometime soon.

Today I headed in to school to start the work on my room. It's the same room from last year but due to summer maintenance we have to completely disassemble it before checking out for the summer. This is what I came back to find:
I was short desks again this year- this time only 5 compared to 15 last year! After talking to my teammates who are each missing 1, they may be in storage. Fingers crossed, last year half my class sat in high school desks meaning NO storage, seats attached, and crap all over the floor (there is honestly no nicer way to put it). After working with assistance from Tucker for about an hour and a half, we left the room looking like this:

One wall is pretty much done. Actually now that I examine my TO-Do list I realize I haven't hung my calendar or created my planner board. Don't you love the big bulletin boards? I forgot my tape measure so I estimated how much paper I would need- I was WAY off. I didn't even cover the top layers of either boards.

I ended up chatting with my team mates quickly and digging out some copies I wanted to get started so today wasn't a big day. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday turns out more productive. Tonight I'm heading to see Eat, Pray, Love- so very excited!!

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