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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teacher Week Day 2

Every teacher has their own "must haves". Things that we swear by or must have in our desk at all time. Here are a few of my items that I must have each year.

I am a Post-It note freak! I love all shapes, sizes, and colors. *This is not my collection, however I would love to have it all!
 Markers. I won't lie that I have a hidden set in my desk every year. I would have an idea in mind of something I wanted to write and there wouldn't be that color in our class boxes- this prevents that frustration. 

I use a lot of double sided tape for posters and signs around the room. This year I'm also going to use hot-glue to keep my posters up on the wall. *Make sure you okay this with your maintenance staff, I was at one school that was VERY strict on what you put on the walls or floors.
I love using bins. I have some labeled for markers, glue, scissors, and other "tools" that I keep in a cupboard for the students. I also learned while student teaching that they are great for planning. If you have one bin for each day you can stick the copies or supplies you need for the lessons planned for that day and each morning you just take out that bin. I've bought bigger bins that hold my copies or folders with cramping them together. 

I'm sure there are tons of other things I love to have, colored pens are great for grading, and I still love putting on stickers- 6th graders still LOVE them!

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