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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teacher Rant

I hoped not to do this. I thought I could avoid it. But being that I like to think of this as some type of online journal I would like to take a quick moment to vent. About today. About teaching.

I love, love my job. No questions about it. I love being around my students. The last week has just felt extremely trying. My team mate has no problem with put-downs. She won't directly say it, which is almost worse, she infers that you don't meet her standards or that you are doing something different from her, which is CLEARLY wrong of course. I am not a confrontational person. She is much older than me, she's about 10 years older than my mom. Deep down I know that talking with her might be of benefit for me, but I don't feel that any good would come of it. So I'm working on letting it go.

I have a student, honestly 1 out of my 24, that is really stressing me. I've gotten e-mails from his mother about how much he hates school, he feels I hate him, that all I do is yell in class, and treat him completely different than anyone else. After some discussion with the mother through email and a 1-on-1 talk with student it has been realized that he isn't being honest with either one of us. Once mom realized this she canceled a face-to-face conference with all of us and is now putting the student in therapy. I am at the point where I'm documenting any interaction I have with this student within two hours of the interaction so that I can go back if need be to recall what exactly occurred. Luckily after talking with some school personnel they're going to step in and require that mom come in.

Today we struggled with linking and action verbs. Tomorrow I'll re-teach, we'll re-visit our work and we'll try again.

I just got an e-mail from a parent that his son's test was graded incorrectly. The answer for #5 was graded incorrectly. But I shouldn't worry because he went through the rest of the test and checked for any errors- there weren't any. He was also kind enough to add, "If you'd like me to look over your answer key before you grade other tests I'd love too. Science was my favorite." I kid you not. 

I've decided 7 days of yuckiness is enough. Tomorrow will be good. I'm not going to read a single parent e-mail during the day :) I will stop doubting my teaching abilities and continue to work with my students the best way I can. Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better.

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Brighton said...

Oh girl. You are living my teaching life too! I am in the same education boat. I love teaching, but the rest of it is a fun sucker.