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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The best/ worst teaching tool EVER!

Hello, teachers out there! Have you heard of the best tool out there to catch your students attention? To have them become so enthralled they literally follow you around the room. If you don't have one of these I suggest you walk, no RUN out to your local favorite store (they're on sale for $5 at Wal-mart).

Its a........


Our school is participating in a walking challenge with other school districts around us. To compete you have to wear a pedometer a.m. to p.m. Yesterday during science while we were doing a great lesson on compounds a student raised his hand and I asked I was wearing a calculator. Yep a sixth grader thought this thing was a calculator- I digress. 

After explaining why I was wearing this and what is was supposed to be doing the interest only grew. While I thought the kids were just really into the compound discussion and excited I learned otherwise when it came time for questions. This is what I got?

So when do you actually put that on?
Are you beating the other teachers? Maybe you should try not sitting at all during the day, how many steps would that be?
Can't you just shake it with your hand?
You should come to PE with us!
You're going to beat everyone right?
Why don't you try hopping?

Better yet-
a group of 3 students, on their own, counted the steps I actually took and checked it against my pedometer. While I appreciate their trying to help me, pretty sure they didn't get much outta the lecture. 

EVEN better- 
during study hall that afternoon I crossed the room to help a student with his math, another student towards the front needed help so up I go. Sure enough, from the back opposite another student needed help. This is kinda weird, usually I'm at desk and the students come to me (that sounds super lazy, but its easier to stay in one spot so that they always know where I'm at). The first student raises his hand again, and somehow can't think of his question. So the truth comes out instead- four of my boys around the room figured that if they took turns asking for help they could get me another 1000 steps- what sweethearts!

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