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Monday, January 31, 2011

Love in the works?

Tonight while on our way to the grocery store Tucker took the time to update me on me on his "girlfriend" at school. Apparently his friend Jonathan and his favorite girl Addison are boyfriend/ girlfriend. Addison has been Tucker's favorite all year. I don't know how the switch occurred but today Tucker took the time to tell Addison that she made the wrong choice. He told her that Jonathan is always naughty and has to sit in the "break chair" and that he (Tucker) is nicer and has camo pants.

This led to an interesting conversation:
Me: Why do you like Addison so much?
T: She is super cute, nice, and washes her whole hand. (love it!)
Me: Well that's important. What happened to Ava? (girlfriend from last year)
T: She's older mom, last year I was 4 she was 5. This year I'm 5, she must be 8!
Me: Maybe we don't need to worry about a girlfriend, you can just be friends with girls.
T: You're right. I've been thinking a lot about getting married.


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