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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring Closet Needs..

While the Super Bowl plays on, I get the urge to online browse my favorite stores. Don't worry I'm still watching the commercials :)

Starting with Lands End Canvas:

Sorry these are super tiny, I can't make them bigger without them being super fuzzy. I love, love the pea coat, and could easily take about every color in the ruffle tee.

Here's the couple of shirts I liked at Old Navy:

Gap's spring lines are usually hit or miss, this year it was a miss for me, the Man loves when this happens!!

A teacher's favorite store: NY and Company

I've fallen in love with this coat! Yum!

I'm really looking for some new denim, which I hate buying. I've realized that if I can talk him into it, the Man is the best person to take with. I value his opinion and he's brutally honest. We'll see what I find. 

Hope you're all enjoying the game!

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