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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Half time Teacher?

When I got to school yesterday and looked over my schedule, I realized something. Out of five days this week, I'm teaching half. When you organize your meetings and plan events it never seems to occur to me how they all add up. This is this weeks break down:

Monday- Early to school for weekly prep (usually organizing the pre-copied materials and pulling additional paper or supplies for the week)
               Team lunch to address future Reading plans
                Special Ed meeting during study hall plus after school

Tuesday- Team morning meeting (two showed up out of four, one sent an email this morning with a list of what we SHOULD have talked about while she wasn't there)
              Prep for subs and homework grading
              Plan rest of math unit

Wednesday: Faculty meeting in the morning
                11:30 our team is having a work time while subs are in the room

Thursday: Science training, I'm gone all day

Friday: Ski trip with students (pray for no injuries)

I love my job, absolutely positively love it. I hate not being in my room, even though the time out is planning or learning things that will benefit them. But really, half the week is gone. I feel like my e-mail is running over, we're talking about 80 things at once. So I took a break, shut my door, and "chatted" with you. Thanks for listening, time to work.

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