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Monday, March 7, 2011

The things I get talked into...

So this weekend the Man and I did a little shopping. It started Saturday when we picked up some work jeans for the Man. we started at Old Navy and found these-
I don't know who was more excited, Tucker to get another pair of camo pants or me to buy me him another pair of pants that might last us a week month. Someone should really restrict his growing for a couple of months. After no luck of finding pants worthy of the Man's job we headed over to Fleet Farm. For all your farm supply needs and Carhartt jeans.

The Man found his jeans and joked about how I could get my own pair of Women Carhartt's. I laughed it off, thinking nothing of it. That night while going through my closet I realized I was in need of some jeans. The Man so willingly (lost a bet) went to the mall with me to find jeans on Sunday. I started at the Gap but alas can not seem to find denim in my own favorite store, we just don't get along. I ended up with these babies from AE,
While the Man contemplated a giant purchase of his own he suggested we head back to try on the women's Carhartt's. Let me tell you, they don't stretch or give. These are REAL denim, I was informed by the fitting room attendant and repeatedly by my husband. I have never had my husband share such excitement for a clothing purchase, better yet, top my own. He deemed them my "grubby" pants which scares me a bit. But they fit and didn't look too bad. I'll give you some good feedback maybe next week as I'm sure I'll wear them this weekend Lord, help me! These are them in their glory, not quite mom jeans, not quite AE.

The Man also talked me into buying this:
 46 inches of pure joy.

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