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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Man

Throughout the last almost two years of our marriage I've really come to realize how perfect for me my husband is. While we've actually been together for almost eight years (WOW), it's the last two that really stand out.

I've heard so many people say they married their best friend. I didn't. Don't miss understand, we were obviously friends, we liked each other and enjoyed hanging out. We had a child together, lived together, we were a close couple. But still I didn't feel comfortable telling him everything. Could I if needed? Absolutely. Did he want to know whatever I shared with him? I think so. But there were just some things I felt more comfortable talking with my mom or close friends about. Such as the "period talks", my drama relationships with friends, my family. I always knew that I could tell him anything- ANYTHING, but I was afraid to. I always feared that he would think less of me if he knew how insecure I feel, or be annoyed with how much I care what others think, or how I obsess over our future and how it will turn out. If I gain weight or look bad. I didn't want him to ever think- "Holy crap, what did I get myself into?"

I've always dealt with insecurities. Nothing debilitating or life threatening, but I've always compared myself to others. I don't know why or where this comes from I just do. The Man is the opposite of me. He could careless, for the most part, about what others think, outside our immediate family of course. He follows the idea that if it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone then do it. This is an extremly foreign concept to me.

The Man has really helped me realize what I'm capable of. He pushes me to stand up for myself more. To let down my guard, feel more confident, and care less of the opinions of others. I realized after struggling with some birth control issues that I had to open up to him. That wives are supposed to share these things with their husbands, that they can't be afraid to tell them things. I can feel comfortable talking about every feeling I have- and I have A TON! That its okay to ask him to explain things or to admit that I don't know. That he's not going to walk out because I've gained 5 pounds.

Obviously, like most of you, hopefully, you love being with your husband. You enjoy your time together, having a night out, or maybe just talking or texting. I feel like I can't get enough of him sometimes. I love getting a text from him or sending one to him just knowing we're thinking about each other. I believe that God knew exactly what I needed and he sent me my husband. And I plan to thank him everyday for it. I only hope that there are others out there that feel the same way and that our children will be gifted with the same joy.

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