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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today's going to be a good day!

A new snow storm in sweeping it's way across the north and the Man left this morning at 3:30 to go and plow. But I woke up to a lovely chime of my phone letting me know we had a two hour delay. So this mama got to actually hang out with her babe! Usually I get to wake him up, have him get dressed and start breakfast before I rush head out. Today we actually had conversations!

I got to hear that today he was planning to draw a bull fight with his buddy at school for their animal books. Monday they drew snakes and their teacher thought, "the were the most awesome, scary creatures ever". He commented that he likes when I get him up because he doesn't have to move as fast when his dad does. HAHA! The Man has one speed for morning routine, it's not the same as mine and Tuckers.

I got to drop him off at school as well and one of the other kiddos asked who had "kidnapped" him this morning? Luckily the teacher pointed out that I was not a felon, just a mom. The little guy kept his eye on me the whole time! I wasn't about to take any of his friends away with me, that's for sure.

Last night our neighbor who builds homes for a living stopped by to answer some questions the Man had about finishing our basement. I NOW LOVE THIS NEIGHBOR. He was super excited hearing that we were looking to finish it and when the Man asked if he would mind helping every now and then, the guy was like, "What are you all doing this weekend?" I love anyone motivated to finish the basement! Since it's still winter both the Man (a pool guy) and our neighbor are lighter on work, so they might actually start sooner than later.

Time to start thinking paint colors!!!!

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