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Thursday, March 17, 2011

WIWW- a day late

Another Thursday post, that's more like it.

 Pants- Gap Trouser
Sweater- NY and Co
Shirt- Fav. Short from Gap
Flower Pin- long ago Gap
One of my boys actually complimented the flower, he told me he couldn't stop starring at it- CREEPY!!

 Jean Jacket- no idea (from high school)
T-shirt- Old Navy
Cami- Express
Pants- Gap Trouser
Scarf- Gap outlet
I was super excited to bust out this springy color but found the neckline to be too low for school, hence the scarf.

Sweater, Shirt- Lands End Canvas
Pants- Gap

As promised I sported my new Carhartt's this weekend. I was very skeptical to say the least. But I wore them and let me tell you- I was comfortable all day long! I think my other pants are just so tight. They have stretch but they're just made to be tighter. As the Man stated it doesn't look like there's no air between the jean and skin. I'm eating my words! the only downfall is that I have to wash them after each wear because they DO stretch.

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