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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

18 Weeks!

And a bump picture!
A couple weeks ago I felt like I was growing really fast all of a sudden, and the last two weeks I see no change. I would like the space where my belly button is to fill in though.

How far along? 18 weeks
Size of babe? A sweet potato, the fruits and veggie sizes are kind of annoying and kind of odd
Maternity Clothes? I'm more comfortable in them but I still go back and forth
Weight Gain? I think 6, we'll know for sure next week
Stretch Marks? No, lotion, lotion, lotion
Gender? Next week, 5 days to go!!
Movement? Yes, actual movement! And dad was able to feel some when we did the flashlight trick again
Sleep? Hit and miss, sometimes I sleep hard, sometimes I move constantly
Food Cravings? Stereotype yes, but pickles I think it's more the dill
What I Miss? Staying up late for our 9 o'clock shows
Symptoms? dry skin has set in especially with temps dropping fast
Best Moment of the Week?  Knowing that in less than a week we'll know!!

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