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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

*Sorry, I guess it would help to actually post this.

Here are my:
Current Top 10 Favorite Things!
10My favorite drama filled, brain cell wasting show is coming back at the end of the month. I miss Lauren but I still enjoy watching these people go through life thinking they have problems. 9 Keebler Elf Cheesecake filled cookies. I actually found a random picture online of them. So good, in moderation of course.
8 In honor of Earth Day Target gave reusable shopping bags with a purchase. We scored one on Sunday during our weekly shopping and amazingly tonight the check out we just happened to pick had two left! I only took one being that I was buying fruit snacks and milk, but I love the idea of these bags. Plus Target and our HyVee's take 5 cents off when you use one.7 I made super cute address announcements and I've had tons of pictures made. It's super cheap and there is always a deal out there. 6 Mr. Coffee is a wonderful man! I love my machine. I love that I can set it at night and wake up with coffee ready to go. 5 We have these bags in our new spring collection at Gap and I love it! It holds so much, which is great being that I feel I'm carry Tucker's room sometimes and my desk at the same time. I do wish there were more pockets though.4 We've had the annual spring road repairs so my route home as altered a bit. I've occasionally stopped to pick up one of the giant goodies- only $1.07. If you've been north you might have noticed sweet tea isn't a staple like down south. I've taken to these for my fix. 3 My hair is kind of yucky come spring time and I've started using this and I've seen major improvements. I found out about this from Just Lovely2 J Crew flip flops! I know Old Navy has a great deal on theirs but J Crews last years longer and they stay in great condition. I have owned two pairs since high school, that's almost 6 years. I bought a new brown and black pair for this summer just because my old ones were starting to look a little worn.
1 Our almost complete, so close to be done house! The inside is complete, except for the basement of course. But I came home to find this today! Our sidewalk and drive way!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

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