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Monday, April 5, 2010

Love these days!

Today was quite the progress filled day. With today being my last day off of break, truth be told our school only had Friday and Monday off so it was nice not to stay some what in routine- I guess.

I took Tucker to school only to find that he didn't have school. That's right an organized person who loves to note every change to a schedule missed this day off. Keep in mind that I do teach in another district, I'm not that asinine to think he has school when I don't. Someone asked me that today. So he got to spend the day running errands with me- meaning I had to get it all done in the morning before he got bored.
First stop was Target- we LOVE this store.
Ours has a Starbucks, 1st coffee of the day. We picked up a broom, dustpan, coffee beans, cookies, fire extinguisher and a curtain sheer. Of course we visited the bakery for our free cookie. You betcha- 8a.m. and we're already eating a cookie hence the happy face as we're leaving. See the mirror in the cart? A wedding gift that we realized doesn't really have a place in the new house, too bad though being that I'd only be able to return it for $3.97. Obviously I decided to keep it.
Next stop Hobby Lobby. First bathroom break! There was a painting catastrophe with my frames so the Man told me to start from scratch and buy new already painted black ones. I also found this gem, my new crock! Yep it's a vase but I couldn't find a single crock in town that matched our kitchen or that I liked.
By this time Tucker was hungry and started to dig in his lunchbox for a snack and drink.
Which he enjoyed on our way to the mall.
We picked up a replacement drape from JC Penny- this would be our third try. I checked it out thoroughly before checking out! We also popped into a home store and bought a rug for the front entry way.
Matches out colors perfectly.
Also hit up bathroom break #2 and Starbucks Tea- if the Man knew how much we spent on coffee/ tea today total between drinks and groceries I don't think he'd be pleased- oh well.
While going through my spring clothes in prep for trading them out for my winter clothes I noticed my white pants needed replacement. So of course we stopped at the Gap and picked out a pair. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the hip slung fit- LOVE, LOVE! Notice someone behind me enjoying his own sugar-free, caffeine free bliss. Or as I'd like to say bribery!
We headed to Michael's, then ShopKo. Picking up magnet strips and a curtain rod. Then to this place of doom. I loathe going here during busy time. I don't mind when they are in their quiet hours but when its busy everything about our stores seem to yell- germ infestation.

But we found our mailbox sticker and were out of there quick- no bathroom break.

We got home to find something very exciting!!

Our first piece of MAIL! Naturally it was a bill, but I do enjoy having my trash collected so I can handle it.

I prepped a salad for dinner while Tucker relaxed- poor guy was exhausted. As he says errands are harder than school, no play time! This salad is one of our favorites and super easy to put together. Take the ingredients put them in a bowl and stir. So easy and yummy, we hold off on the dressing until serving that way if you have leftovers your lettuce isn't slimy.

I headed down to the dungeon/ laundry room ( I can't wait to start finishing the basement and we're barely in the house yet).

Washed a couple loads, actually made dinner- first time since we've been in the house which is only four days. Wrote some thank you's, put together our moving announcements from Shutterfly, cleaned up the kitchen, had a cup of coffee (homemade), switched my spring and winter clothes. Now I'm going to pack lunches and get ready for bed.
Hope you all had a great day!

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