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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I gave a hint about an upcoming change in our house a while back. Now that things are actually in motion I figured it was time to share. When my hubby grows up, he wants to be this guy:
Okay, so this guy precisely, but same line of work. When I first met the Man he mentioned how in high school he had always wanted to be a cop but at that point in his life he wasn't ready for that responsibility. Flash forward about 10 years. We get a new neighbor who happens to be a cop, who loves his job, and is literally one of the best guys I know. We hang out a lot and heard some about his work but I didn't think too much of it.

We also discovered that my school liaison and husband went to high school together and he his best friends with our neighbor. Small world for sure. The Man spends more time talking with these guys, after attending some "game nights" with their "group" of guys I can tell something is up. He does a ride-along with our neighbor and I knew the wheels in the Man's head were rolling. Up to this point the Man has been going to school for IT (information technology) and would be graduating in May.

But now he's dropped his classes and transferred to a different local college- thankfully much cheaper! Starting in January he'll be going to school during the day instead of at night. Unfortunately none of his previous credits will be transferred (don't even get me started on that) so he'll be starting from scratch.

We haven't told our extended family yet, just our parents know but we're pretty excited. I've told a very good friend of mine and I've talked with our two "cop buddies" enough to have complete confidence of my husband. One person asked if I was worried that this was just the Man going after a different dream and then changing his mind, but really I think this is a great line of work for him. All I can hope for is that he's safe and loves his job no matter what.

Anyways, that's our news. So, for any cop spouses out there, any advice?

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