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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I wore Wednesday!

Yep, you bet, I'm a day late again :)

Running late simply outfit day
 Shirt- Gap
Pants- Old Gap flare
Necklace- NY and Co

Top- White tank Gap
Pink tank Old Navy
Pants-PJ bottoms Old Navy
(I did have a fleece zip up too but left it in the car)

Amazingly similar to another outfit
 Top- NY and Co
Cami- Express (live by these)
Pants- Gap Trouser

Flower Child Cami Day
Cardigan- Gap
Cami- flower from Old Navy
 white cami- Express
Pants- Old Navy

Last week was homecoming so there was a lack of outfits being that I wore school apparel a couple days. Hope that explains the PJ's, I live for those two days each year during our homecoming weeks, I was so comfortable but the kids were a little sluggish. I'm linking up to the Pleated Poppy this week, be sure to check out all the cute outfits.

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