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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just tryin' to get stuff done.

Tucker's 5th birthday is Friday night- that's 5 more days of prep. I am taking a personal day Friday from school just so I won't feel rushed trying to get the last minute things done after school. While I love the idea of seeing everyone and hanging out for long periods I also didn't want to lose our entire weekend to the party by throwing it on Saturday evening. Like typical Cali I have my festive list made with tasks labeled by day:
I'm super excited to make these colorful covered pretzels from Baked Perfection

Of course we'll have Oreo truffles but I plan to use some white chocolate and use orange food coloring to make them look like pumpkins.

And these look so cute and yummy!!

I've been blog stalking these lovely ladies all month for great ideas and they did not disappoint:
 Tatertots and Jello
Just a Girl
Be Different Act Normal

I'm excited the party is finally here but of course worried about everything! Will the kids have fun, will they like to activities? Will the parents enjoy themselves? What will they think? Of course the Man swoops in with his thoughts of, "Who cares? We're feeding them and providing entertainment for the night!" Gotta love a man's idea of a party :)

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