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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a List!

Oh My Word! I'm all about a good to-do list but man today stuff needs to get DONE. Are house is usually pretty clean the Man is awesome at scrubbing a tub, but with it being so hot last week it feels like Tucker was into everything and I kept putting stuff off.  Until today... here goes....

Tuesday's To-Do's
  1. Clean up pancake breakfast
  2. Dishes washed, empty dishwasher
  3. Scrub counters
  4. Mop kitchen
  5. Trash out
  6. Recycle out 
  7. Vacuum the house
  8. Laundry
  9. Iron shirts
  10. Go through Tucker closet
  11. Run
  12. Go through e-mail
  13. Make muffins
  14. Schedule hair apt
  15. Go through blogs
  16. Write weekend post (we did things, I got pictures- WHOA!)
  17. Download Silhouette software to other computer
  18. Target trip
It's gettin' done! Time to blast a little Pandora and start checkin' stuff off.
As of 1:30 I've gotten a few things done, but added a few more- NICE!

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