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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

I haven't done on in forever but it's been a long, hot day inside and I can't sleep yet.

Top 10 Tuesday

10.  Mumford and Sons!
   I don't know if I've been under a rock, but a friend suggested them on Pandora, then gave me a CD. I'm hooked, I think it's all the instruments and that they remind me a little of bluegrass.
White Blank Page is one of my favs!!
9. This is a new border that I found, with matching letters (I can't find a pic of those and they're super cute!)

8. Getting another one of these.
Fingers crossed!! Ovulating is a good sign, let's just hope it leads to something bigger!!
7. I'm loving Restaurant.com , last week we scored two $25 gift cards for $7. That's a great date night for us.

6. This has been my addiction this summer, rack up points by using their search engine and trade them in for goodies, our favorite is the amazon card!

5. These are my favorite summer shoes! I used to love JCrew, but these are far more comfortable!

4. It's been WAY TOO hot, the only cure = small twist cone- YUM, thanks DQ!
3.. Tucker picked his new back pack! Kindergarten is coming up soon!

2. Which means we're stocking up on school supplies deals!! I love new Crayons!!
1. My look-alikes!!These guys crack me up, Tucker is just like his dad, love them!

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Newlymeds said...

I enjoyed your top ten list! Wishing you luck with the :)