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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Continue the baby making...

Tuesday was the day. I was going to take a pregnancy test and hope that after one month we were set. Needless to say I took the test, it was negative, and started literally two hours later. TMI, maybe, but that's what happened. I can say that I handled it fine, I actually kind of laughed.

Maybe because Monday night I had my breakdown. I may have taken a test or two prior and realized that June wasn't our month. I don't think that I was upset we weren't pregnant, I think it was more that I had set myself up that we had a goal to get pregnant and it wasn't going to happen, feel free to slap me next time for being selfish and unrealistic.

So this month, I'm going to continue with the Clear Blue easy ovulation kit, I have strips left over from last month. I'm going to get back to my running. I convinced myself that when I started ovulating I should back off running to prevent excess jostling again, slap me. I realize now that I was putting to much pressure on myself. Mentally, every time I thought about getting pregnant I would tell myself to calm down, relax, and let it just happen. By my actions weren't matching my thoughts. This month, we're going to take it easy, have more fun and love my honey. Fingers crossed!

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