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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

28 Weeks!

Cue Europe's "Final Countdown"!! Twelve weeks left, 84 days to go. Here's are the little man's stats:

How Far Along? 28 weeks today!
Size of baby boy? I'm going to guess he's close to the 2 pound range, ha!

Maternity Clothes? Nothing but! By the time I go to bed at night I would rather sleep topless (TMI- sorry) than wear a shirt that's the least bit tight, makes my skin just itch. Luckily the man has a drawer of the best t-shirts.
Weight Gain? I think 20 at this point. Really starting to become uncomfortable.
Stretch Marks? Lucking pretty good, I love the Aveeno lotion I've been using, it goes on great, absorbs fast, and doesn't have an annoying smell.
Gender? All boy!
Movement? I think he's falling into a schedule that if he could come out with would really make me happy!! I can dream right?
Sleep? Still hit or miss. More miss as of late.
Food Cravings? Sweet tooth is back and seems to be sticking around. 
What I Miss? My stress level is up, last week I think it just hit that he was going to be here soon and not having certain things, his nursery mostly going just worries me a bit. I'm really miss my pre-baby body.  
Symptoms? My feet are starting to feel it by the end of the day and this guy is a "low rider" at our last visit the doctor said he most likely wouldn't "drop" based on how he's sitting right now.
Best Moment of the Week? Tonight while I was cleaning up the Man was reading aloud to Tucker, the entire time the baby kicked. I swear he already knows his dads voice!

And a picture from last week-

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