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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Maternity Clothing Must-haves

At this point, I'm pretty much only in maternity clothes. If my "girls" hadn't grown as well I might be able to fit into some of my non-maternity tops, but I don't want to stretch them out and not have shirts after the baby. Since this guy could be our last I didn't want spend a ton of money on clothing for four or five months. Here are a few of my faves. Just my opinions, no compensation even though it would've been lovely!!

From Motherhood Maternity-

I did pick up a few "dressier" tops along the way, girl still has to try. Tucker did call me a zebra though when I wore the black and white sweater- nice right? I live in cotton shirts though. Short, 3/4, and long, tons of colors. I try to wear a fun necklace or earrings with them, a scarf works great now that it's cooler. 

I can't find the dress pants online that I got. I found a style that I liked and got two different colors but I went back in to get a lighter khaki color and its NOT happening, the cut must have changed to something that fits funky. Like any pant I really struggle with the fit in the rear. If these weren't so comfy I wouldn't wear the pants, I just try to cover my derriere with a long sweater or shirt so no one else notices "diaper butt".
But I LOVE these jeans. NO diaper butt. Love, love!!!

From Old Navy:

Besides these mix-match colors, Old Navy tops are cheap so I stocked up early, never dry them, and they still work lovely! Just make sure to put a cami or tank under.

From Target-

These pants are great fitting in the butt and legs. My only complaint is that the panel seems to pull down. I was hoping that with my tummy growing it would help keep the panel up but it hasn't changed. The fit is so great elsewhere though I'd still buy them!

One thing I still want though are these, or something close-
Plenty of room, warmth, somewhat (okay not really) dressy but mmmmmm, my feet just get excited looking at them. Makes my teaching days a little more tolerable as the bump grows and grows!

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