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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Brain dump!

 Every now and then you just have to dump all the thoughts floating around. Today is one of those days.
  • Martha Stewart has come to Staples! I love her stuff and I love organizing, best of both worlds.
  • Saturday was a really nice day. The Man and I hit up a double matinee then dinner at Outback. We saw:
The Grey was very good, although be ready to jump! Contraband was also very good, love Mark Wahlberg!
  • Despite a really nice Saturday, Sunday just kept going downhill and I couldn't seem to shake it today. One of the biggest things I hate, is that if you mention it to anyone they laugh it off and say "You're just hormonal." Urgh! Sometimes you can be irritated, pregnant or not.
  • Tucker got his first report card! He's doing so well in school. Loves school and his class. My favorite part of our day is when he tells me about what he did in school. It's neat to hear what he feels is important.
  • Our grade level goes on a ski trip every year. I'll be right around 33 weeks at the time. I talked to one administrator and it was agreed with another teacher, who's also a parent of one of our students, to trade positions for the day. He goes on the trip, I stay and teach his class. Now the actual administrator that has to make call is needed, but yet was no where to be found. 
  • We have a bully in the class, but nothing is being done about it. Our administrator feels that we can't punish someone so young, that we should talk about the issue with him. Meanwhile, the victims mother just wants her son to feel better at school. 
  • It's in the forties this week. Maybe we won't really have a winter this year. 
  • I can't wait for baby boy to get here, but I'm afraid we're going to need every possible minute before he does. I will not worry about it, only happy thoughts!
  • I'm really starting to like "Alcatraz" the new show on Fox. A neat story line. I had to take a break from all the Desperate Housewives drama. 
  • Tomorrow is pajama day, it has to be a good day!

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