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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 Weeks!

How Far Along? 30 weeks today! 10 to go!
Size of baby boy? I'm still saying he's at the higher end of the range, pushing three lbs for sure.

Maternity Clothes? Always and throw in some of the mans shirts on the weekend.
Weight Gain? I'm not looking forward to finding out next week.
Stretch Marks? Fingers crossed we hold out.
Gender? All boy!
Movement? You know that schedule I thought we had- HA! On Saturday he moved from 9am- about 2. Maybe a sleep mover.
Sleep? How do you shut off your brain? Oh, and get comfy with a belly?
Food Cravings? Nothing really sticking out.
What I Miss? Still miss my pre-baby body, but what preggo doesn't at this point?
Symptoms?  Nesting, in my classroom and at home.
Best Moment of the Week? This weekend we were just lying around and the Man said he couldn't wait for him to just be here and play with him. So sweet! Tomorrow, hopefully, I order the stroller system.

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