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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New baby goodies!

While we haven't really started on the nursery I have most of my ideas all lined up to go.
Here's what we have:
His crib- We found a great deal on a similar Graco through Amazon, this was as close as I could find to ours.
His dresser- I would have loved to get a white one but this was Tucker's and he's needing more space so he gets my old one, mama gets a new one!
His paint- Next month my dad is going to paint his room. Two walls will be stripe like this, the other two solid grey. We haven't picked exact colors yet.
Rocking chair-
We still have the one we used with Tucker.

The Man's mom is making a quilt. We chose black and white pieces for the center swatches and border. Then we incorporated some yellow with it. I can't wait to see it when it's all done.

The stuff he needs (yes needs!)
I can't wait to order this sign from etsy. I'll most likely put it in a black frame.

I have canvases to use for his name, something similar to this:
I would use scrap paper as a background and then pending on how the room is looking, either yellow or black letters. This will be a project that gets started but obviously not finished until he gets here and we pick his name.

I'd like a yellow curtain, maybe like this-
But it's going to come down to what fabric I can find. 

Then while we were at our neighbors we saw this:

Um, wow! This thing is just short of changing the baby for you. Amazing! It puts this to shame! But Tucker loved it! We'll see how his brother feels.

Lastly, this MAJOR purchase that has to happen so that we can actually bring the little guy home from the hospital!!
 11 more weeks to go!

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