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Monday, December 7, 2009

How many books can you read at once?

So I just realized that I'm kind of reading a lot of books all at once right now. It's not uncommon for me to have a couple going at once but this is a lot for me.

Here's the first by Jen Lancaster. Man I like her! She's witty, sarcastic, ballsy and a great writer. Very honest and preppy, but real. I literally laugh aloud while reading her. The Man thinks it's crazy- he's also not much of a reader.

This is one of her memoirs. I think she has four in print right now and she has a blog. I've loved all the books that I've read of hers.

The next four are the books my class is reading in lit circles. The Giver I have read before, so, so good! The other three were recommendations so we'll see how they go.

This one is for my higher level group, I'm excited because it discusses traveling through some areas I've visited so it'll be nice to talk with the group about it.

This is for my mid-level girls. I usually don't split girls and boys up but upon reading into this book I don't think the group of boys that are at this level would enjoy it- meaning they would whine, and whine.

So they are reading this, a controversial but enlightening book. I just hope they get a lot out of it.

My lower level group is reading this by Paulsen, the guy who wrote Hatchet. I'm not as excited about this one as I am the others. But it should be a quick and easy read.

The two other books I'm reading are very sporadic. This one I'm going to have to start all over again because it's been forever since I've read it. I love, love the Scarpetta series. These are all murder mysteries, with great character and plot development. I really enjoy reading books by Cornwell.
This one my mom recommended and I'm doing pretty good with it. Very interesting story line, I've stopped myself from reading the last chapter (which is what I ALWAYS do, ALWAYS). I'm giving it a try but it's really killing me not to know what's going to happen. I suggest it so far.

So that's all. In two weeks my student ones will be done. Hopefully I'll have read them by this weekend. It makes it little easier to teach and follow along with them if I know what's going on!

What books are you all reading? Anything good?

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