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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing catch-up

Isn't it crazy what an unplanned day off can do to your schedule. I can't compare it to other jobs, but with teaching a day off doesn't just involve walking out the door and hoping the sub can figure things out.

Monday evening T was a little under the weather, by dinner I wasn't feeling so hot. I figured we probably caught something from our many Thanksgiving get together. Tuesday I woke up still feeling a little blue but I hate spontaneously leaving my classroom even when its organized. T woke up unexpectedly as I was heading out the door crying. I was not about to leave him so we cuddled for a few, my dad assured me that T and him would be fine. Fast forward to me being at school and just starting the morning off crappy.
By the time it actually came time to teach I didn't even want to be there. I had a ridiculous head ache and a sick little man at home I wanted to be with. I called our secretary and requested a sub. Luckily, my students were great and I was able to have them work and write up sub plans.

So today we of course have another morning meeting, followed by a building meeting. My double prep today disappeared because I covered for the music and media teachers who were out. It's not a big deal and I didn't mind, but its just a lot of lost time I usually work my arse off during so I can be home at a decent time.

At least tonight I got home and the Man was already here, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! With him in school Monday and Tuesday night I feel like I don't see him between Sunday night until Wednesday. We made dinner, I caught up on all my grading, the Man did homework, I cleaned and now I'm sneaking in some blogging.

In better news Christmas came to our house this weekend. I love our tree, it's an artificial pre-lite from Martha Stewart. I love putting it up every year. My favorite part and the least at the same time is that the Man played with the lights to get them to blink and now the middle section doesn't even light up!! Hilarious. It's a good things we're still in the basement and no one really sees it but us.

Here' s picture of what makes me smile, minus T who likes to re-arrange the ornaments daily.
Now, I'm going to enjoy relaxing, smelling my lovely cinnamon something candle and get my blog stalking fill.

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