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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The rest of the Christmas Decor

So keep in mind, we're currently living in a basement. We don't have a fire place, we don't choose the outside decor, although my parents do a wonderful job, our space is pretty limited. But we make do, and we love the kindness my parents give us on a daily basis of letting us crash here to put away a nice down payment.

So- without further a do:
I used our book case to hang our stockings this year. My grandma actually made these stockings. Every single person in our family has at least one and my mom is one of twelve.

Every sibling has at least two kids, my mom still has stockings for my brother and I. When a grandchild gets married, you and your husband get stockings and a tree skirt- crocheted by grandma. Of course she also makes all her great grand kids stockings as well. It's incredible, we're talking over 200 maybe 300 stockings, all made by her.

Anyways, my Nativity set is also a favorite every
year. It's the Willow Tree (I think) set. I love the idea that each piece is individually made. There is a stand that's available with it but I like this way better. It's on doily also made by Grandma.

Then you have the staircase decorations, I tried to get the pictures during the day but I couldn't pick up the colors of the balls.

I can't wait to really decorate. This weekend is exciting we're going to look at houses and I'm going to grade my tail off so I can get my mid-term grades all squared away. It's cold and snowing which makes a perfect weekend to cuddle up!
Have a great one!!

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