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Friday, July 9, 2010

Coaster Project

Here in our northern house we have a lot of wood surfaces and my darling husband and son we love to put our cups on these surfaces. Which results in mom cleaning and rescuing our tables from horribly, dreadful cup marks. So I found some 10 cent gems (in the form of single white tiles) at Menard's, felt stickers, grabbed my Mod Podge, and scrapbook paper then went to work.

What was this:
I read about this idea over at Prudent Baby its very easy. The hardest part is having patience while the Mod Podge dries in between coats.

And the end result:
I couldn't decide on a certain one color paper, or pattern that I wouldn't tire of. We also have magazines out and about so I figured these could tie in nice. Hopefully my tables will be grateful and the boys we will remember to use them!

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