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Saturday, July 10, 2010

What makes you sparkle?

Such a cute idea from: Puppies, Paychecks, and Prozac   and Life is Reed-iculous

You know you have those bad days when certain things can help turn them around or the idea of them makes an unbearable moment a little more livable. For instance, how many women out there have something in mind when they walk in for their yearly appointment with their lovely boob groping, lady part checking, odd question, cold glove wearing, doctor. Here are some much more pleasant "sparkles" that brighten my day.
sweet hugs
caramel macchiato
soft blankets
the first snow
ruffles on everything
the soft center of a cookie
fresh daises
a note
dancing with my man
sleeping in
chocolate covered donuts
Notting Hill
favorite tunes
flip flops
Little Mermaid
pecan pie
winter socks
To Kill a Mockingbird
laughing until your sides hurt
hot chocolate
new baby scent
a great deal
favorite pair of jeans
sneaky kisses
Pretty Woman
sweet tea
school supplies
clothes out of the dryer
Bridget Jones
wrapping presents
making C-mas cards
new sheets

So what makes you sparkle?

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Brighton said...

OMG! Sparkle is the word I use with my students!! Love that : )