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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Reading List

I had a goal of reading a TON this summer. I'm finally making a nice dent in my stack/ list of books I've been wanting to read. Here are just a few:
Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors- absolutely LOVE her. She wrote the whole Shopaholic series and has another one coming out soon. Can't wait!
My mom and aunt turned me on to this author- total romance thriller kinda series. It's way different than anything I obviously read to my students and I love it! This book is the start of the Buchanan family. I've read all that are printed so far and there is another spin off out soon that I can't wait to pick up.
This is another one in the series, I didn't want to do picture overload. ( But I am anyway).
This one I re-read so that I can watch the movie this summer as well, which I haven't made time for, but I will soon. As soon as I get done reading :)
I love a good Hollywood story and I have actually liked Tori Spelling. I'll admit I've watched most of her shows except for some of the cheesy TV movies. Her writing reads just like her. It's very honest (I think) and they are quick reads. I have the next one, Mommywood, On Request at our library.

These are a couple more that I either want to read again or have on my list:

Let the reading continue.....

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