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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

23 Weeks!

Um, 118 days left to go- WHAT!!!! I would like to get off the time machine that we seem to be on. After next month we're in the last trimester and so far the basement isn't getting worked on. Which we knew would happen, the Man had to get through busy season and school. We wanted to have funds in place. That's what I tell myself at least twice a day. I know that it'll come together, I don't doubt hubs at all. I'm just ready to dive into a nursery and big boy room for Tucker.

Okay, worry done. Onto the good stuff-
the bump:

the baby:

How Far Along? 23 crazy fast paced weeks
Size of baby boy? a papaya

Maternity Clothes? Totally time to find some maternity denim!! But I feel better having picked up a few more tops. The old shirts just don't cover up enough any more.
Weight Gain? I think 17, doc says it's all good. I'm honestly not loving it. But babe looks good and that's all that matters!
Stretch Marks? I notice the ones from Tucker more that my belly has grown but nothing new- YEAH!
Gender? All boy!
Movement? Still an evening guy, but I'm feeling him a little in the morning and random afternoons. Someone is getting bigger
Sleep? Still hit or miss. More realistic/ crazy dreams
Food Cravings? Nothing really this last week, my sweet tooth is finally back. 
What I Miss? We had Mexican this weekend and the Man ordered a margarita, let me tell ya- mama almost jumped the table for it- last week was stressssssffffffuuuuullll, and I'm not even a drinker. 
Symptoms? dry skin, some swollen feet after long teaching days, or sore back
Best Moment of the Week? Seeing lil' man kick, it must take a lot of effort for that little body. The Man also felt him kick when I curled up
to him the other morning.

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