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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 22

It's been three crazy, busy weeks since we found out that we're having another boy. So this post is LONG overdo!

How Far Along? 22 weeks! Time to start counting down- oh boy!!
Size of baby boy? Still so tiny, but could be a pound!!
Maternity Clothes? Very little pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting, I gave up on most tops because I was afraid I'd stretch and they wouldn't afterwards
Weight Gain? 16 pounds I think, I should get back on track with my walking but it's hard when its cold outside, I'm starting to really miss running.
Stretch Marks? So far nothing new, fingers crossed and lotion on.
Gender? Another boy for our house! Maybe one day we'll get a girl puppy!
Movement? For the most part he's pretty mellow, he's starting to kick now in the mornings, but still most active in the late evening.
Sleep? Hit and miss
Food Cravings? Nothing comes to mind this week, I could eat stuffing almost everyday, but its not going to happen
What I Miss? Running, comfortable belly sleeping, and half my favorite winter wardrobe pieces.
Symptoms? Dry skin and on busy teaching days I've noticed some swollen feet, boo!!
Best Moment of the Week?  This weekend Tucker left to spend the night at my parents, after saying goodbye to Jeff and I he kissed the bump good-bye too- so sweet!!

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