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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December DIY's

We are currently in need of a new wreath for our door so I've been scoping out some different options:
I saw this idea from etsy and this felt one

 But I'd like to do something different then the typical wreath shape-

Such a cute idea!! Found here!

Then there are some ornament ideas that good be great for gifts-
Another etsy                                    

and these

 Also easy gift ideas-
This is a sweet idea, I love the poem or Yummy pretzels with a holder 

And just some things I love:
This sign- I only wish mine would turn out half as well!
And this- so sweet!
I can't decide- do it this year and add babies hands next year or just wait.
More snow days like today and we'll be knocking these things out!

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