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Monday, July 30, 2012

3 months!!

Um, so I'm two weeks late, but the pictures and information were documented on time!
You have the sweetest disposition! You have really started to smile this month and you definitely know your mama, dad, and brother.
Your neck muscles are getting so much stronger. You're not quite steady on your own when you sit propped up, but we don't have to worry about you head butting us as much. Still hating the roll-over, but welcoming time on your stomach more.
You have definitely discovered your hands and realize that you can hold things with them. Also, they make great chew toys! You've really started drooling, to the point where I've changed your outfit do to it's wetness. I'm worried you might be an early teether- yikes!

You've really started to jabber. You've made lots of new sounds and like to "chat" with us.
 You are just amazed by your brother. He's been asking to hold you more and more in the big chair and he leaps to feed you if you start to fuss. Every now and then you get a little too noisy for him but I think he's just as crazy about you.
 We let you two take your first bath together, but unfortunately the waves were a bit much, although you never whined. Mama just didn't want you getting splashed too much. Tucker was determined to teach you how to hold your breath. We may have to wait a bit for your turn though.
While you are my sweet, sweet boy who loves to cuddle and get smooches, you can also be very serious. We love your serious face! I have yet to catch your pouty face, but I will, it's just so precious!

You are wearing anything from 3 months to 12months. I've had to dig out some of Tucker's summer clothes but he was much older his first summer. Luckily, you're nice and long and they fit just a little big.

You're still in size 2 diapers, but 3's could start soon. You nap 2-3 times a day and all through the night, about 10-7. Next month is very exciting for you! Trips to the fair, more shots, and your baptism!!

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