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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today I'm linking up with Mrs.Crouse from 6th Grade All-Stars for her 1st ever linky party!

 Her questions and my answers-
- What grade do you teach?
 Sixth grade, reading and language arts, math, and two sciences (our focus is physical science)
- What is the greatest advice you received during your 1st year of teaching?
Avoid all the gossip and be yourself. I'm in a little district and it's very easy to get caught up in the "he said, she said" world. I also had to learn to stick up for myself and stand my ground which was super tough. It's amazing how even teammates can be challenging. 
- Do you have a checklist that you follow when preparing your classroom (include the checklist)?
Absolutely! I usually amend it every year, adding notes or making changes. If you'd like a copy e-mail me and I will definitely forward it on. I actually have a folder called "first week" with tons of things in it being that I never know how the students will be, what type of team building we need to do, how they are at organizing, and their time management skills. 
- What are some must haves in your classroom that you cannot live without (ex. items, books, posters, management strategies)?
A good pencil sharpener, tons of blank charts with students names on hand, our schedule posted, bathroom sign out sheets ( my students are NEVER supposed to ask to go to the bathroom or get a drink, we have a very clear understanding of how it works starting day 1). I also have my organizing systems that work for me and one for my students I hope to hit on before school starts. 
- What is something that all teachers should have in their classroom?
An open mind! Be flexible and even if something happens that completely ruffles your feathers and makes you want to scream, don't let it ruin your day. I try to be "real" with my students, life happens and we all need to learn how to cope positively. Find a way to be organized, your students (for the most part) will appreciate it and hopefully emulate it on their own.  

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Mrs. Crouse said...

Thank you for joining my linky party! I can't wait to follow your blog and see your great ideas!
Mrs. Crouse :)