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Monday, July 30, 2012

First day Post- 2 posts in 1!

Ashley over at Fierce in Fourth is doing link up about first day jitters.

Every year, even this one, my fifth first, I'm nervous. Because, one- I haven't been in the classroom for what feels like forever, summer plus 7 weeks of maternity leave. Two- it's a whole new group of kids. Three- I want to push myself more this year!

Ashley's link up is about listing three things you're nervous about at the start of this school year. So here we go:

1) Meet the teacher night- I'm always nervous on this night, throughout the whole night. We're the youngest grade in our building and even though it's my fourth year in this small district I don't know a lot of families. Many parents are hesitant about their sixth grader being in the high school building and they need tons of reassuring! I always feel like I'm answering tons of questions, but always doubt myself, afraid that I didn't make the best impression.
2) Day 1- We try to get a lot done during the day and it's the first real glimpse of how the class is together. I'm always worried that we'll either not get it all done, or get it done too fast. I always try to have back ups ready though.
3) My co-workers- I work with some really great people, but also some people that make it always seem like a competition. I would love to come back, have relaxed conversations, and not have to play the "Who did the most this summer?"

Lorraine over at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is also having a first day link up:

 As I early mentioned I have a list that I follow and edit every year. Here are some of my main do's for Meet the Teacher:
1. All bulletin boards, signs, welcome signs are posted and ready to go.
2. Seating arrangement done. Even though no matter what, every year I have to readjust after meet the teacher.
3. Plenty of copies of all the forms I have for parents:
  contact info that I keep
  all school forms
4. Pens and pencils out, and bins ready and labeled for forms to be turned in.
5. Name tags made and on desks. Make sure to double check spellings!!
6. Message on the board with directions.
  * I have students find their desks first, write their name on their own desk name tag (they have two). Then they have to introduce their parents to me to get their locker combination.
7. Have a drink on hand, so much talking that night!


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