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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday!

10 Ten Favorite Memories of Tucker (so far)

10 Little boy crush on Holly the fire fighter, its gotten better. I think she's been forgotten!

9 Finding out Tucker was "Tucker". I will forever remember the Man's expression and our families when we told them we were having a boy. Someone was relieved he could "make a boy" I think was what was said :)

8 Being woken up last night at 3am for him to tell me he loved me more than the moon and back. Then turn around and go right back to bed.

7 The first night I left "the boys" home together I got home to find them cuddled on the couch sleeping so hard. I still need to scan the picture to save it.

6 His first bath- never, EVER have I heard a child scream louder. If my mother hadn't been there telling me he was okay and that we could just get it done he never would have gotten clean the first month.

5 Sometimes he laughs so hard he gets the hiccups- just like his momma! Love it every time.

4 Last Christmas Tucker got a bike from Santa, after unwrapping it and checking out the cool Lightning McQueen bag he got a really sad face. When asked if he liked what Santa got him he said "No, Santa forgot the candy cane." Anytime someone asked about his Santa gift, THATS what he said!
3 He's in love with Michael Phelps, cheered him on every race during the summer Olympics. Looks for him every time we visit the pool.
2 This smile, also a little of his mama. What can I say, when we're happy, you know it!

1 Every other minute I get to spend with him. I won't remember all of them but I'm thankful everyday!!
*Next week I promise to do something less mama-mushy!

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